Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Waiting for the Lost--By Nikko Palmario--Philippines

Waiting for the Lost

Wait for me when I get back,
just wait for me...

I rub my weary eyes, as I write this
hoping you’ll understand,
hoping you’ll take our memories with you,
as we travel on different roads
until that day comes
when I find that path
that leads me back to you....

I was forced on this journey, and so were you.
Neither of us wanted this, but maybe this is what we need.

     Now I have truly become lost,

my eyes immersed in teary glaze

Everything's a blur now,
   and I grasp at cotton candy clouds~

sugar crystals
           sticking on my warm fingers,
   and that is all.

Nikko Palmario is someone who enjoys dabbling with words and chocolate.


  1. Hi, Nikko! My mouth waters as I read your poem. Isn't that fun what words can do to one? I, too, love chocolate and that sinful satisfaction of savoring is, well, decadent and sinful, in a good way, though! It is comforting finding solace in a big bite and it is always a feeling of "let down" when you've eaten the very last one....... cute poem and I can see where your inspiration comes from! Sheri / www.poetryandbeyond.net

  2. Nikko, yummy poem! Love cotton candy my favorite. Mary

  3. Dear Nikko,

    This is a powerful poem. The loss and pain flow through your words. And, sometimes we do grasp for things that will provide some comfort. Thank you for sharing this amazing piece.


  4. Hi Nikko. This is another great poem from you. As I am reading, I am following the journey you have expressed in your poem. You have great talent. Thank you for sharing it with us here at Whispers. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  5. Dear Nikko,
    The longing to be reunited from loved ones who have strayed is poignantly described in your lovely poem. If you were writing about some special, I do hope you both find each other in the path that lays ahead. Love, Carolyn

  6. Dear Nikko,

    You are such a creative soul! The sadness of the heart shows in this one and it can be really hard sometimes when people have to part ways which you have expressed so well here. Always a pleasure to read your poetry. I hope you are doing well.

    Sandra Stefanowich

  7. Dear Nikko, This is a lovely heartfelt poem that shares what all hearts yearn for and that is to be loved. Come visit PFT. We miss you. Love and Aloha, Connie