Monday, May 12, 2014

The Desert Rose--By Joann Grisetti--United States

The Desert Rose

the desert rose stretches a yawn
swiftly she swings her scythe
the darkened rocks rapidly react
pour forth a blood-red glow

the desert rose lifts her head
to glance upon her work
the glowing rocks respond once more
and lighten into gold

on she strolls across the land
ever they shift their colors
daily they repeat this ritual
the rocks and the admired

rocks shift and weather -
the rose remains the same

Joann Grisetti has been writing for 45 years. She is a retired teacher from Florida. She receives encouragement from her daughter and has recently enrolled in a creative writing workshop. She is a member of Poetry Soup. You can read more of her poetry there.


  1. Joann, I enjoyed your poem and hope to see more of your work thank you for sharing and
    describing the desert so beautifully. Mary

  2. What a beautiful description, Joann. I'm going to the Grand Canyon next week. First time for me! and I'm hoping to experience something like your desert rose. Blessings to you as you continue sharing your gift with words. Lisa

  3. Ah yes, the "desert rose" is yet beautiful among elements that others would not be able to tolerate. What a blessing this poem is! Thank you for sharing it, Joann. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  4. Joann, what a great metaphor you use herein. Like that plus the imagery and the strength that seems to be her total foundation of survival! Very creative! Sheri /

  5. Dear JoAnn,
    I was wondering if roses truly do grow in the desert, or if you had used this as a metaphor for the red and orange layers on the many sand dunes/rocks I saw in Arizona. In any case, your personification of this rose is awesome. Where in Florida do you live? I and Kristin are in Ormond Beach and I was a teacher as well. Such a beautiful vision is created in your poem!
    Best wishes,

  6. Thank you, Andrea Dietrich, for the following--

    This is simply beautiful! Andrea