Thursday, August 6, 2015

Escape--By Robert P. Hansen--United States


Huddled in its coop
—the barred door open—
the dove looks at me and
coos like a distant lover.

It struts slowly forward
like a white origami crane
or captured butterfly
recently set free.

It spreads its wings, flapping
them like linen pillowcases
hung out to dry in a stiff
summer breeze.

It leaps upward with
grace and majesty and
I marvel at the serenity
of its unfettered flight.

It does not look back.

Robert P. Hansen teaches philosophy courses at a community college. In addition to poetry, he also writes genre fiction. His recent eBook publications include a free Story Sampler (14 stories from his collections), The Golden Key (Book 3 of his Angus the Mage fantasy series), and 2014: A Year of Poetry. For more information on his writing and where to find what he has published, visit his blog at:


  1. Wow, what a sense of wonder you have written with this awesome poem. I really enjoyed reading this lovely piece this evening. Great work,