Saturday, August 15, 2015

Poet of the Month--Connie Marcum Wong

The Gift of Poetry

Connie Marcum Wong

A poet enters a private sanctuary,
A sacred place where the imagination
Dwells with a mélange of emotions
Conceived by aesthetic beauty
Often divine and esoteric in nature;
That comprehensive longing to
Express through common language
That which is so vitally uncommon.
Words that seek to form a bridge
Between intellectual abstract thought
And the world of the inarticulate.

A way to express the depth of sorrow
While having it become a cathartic
Release, thereby relating to others
In commiseration and heartfelt empathy.
Poetry has the ability to help, to heal.
To reach souls enduring that same pain
May be a blessed gift poetry genuinely
Offers in a nonintrusive manner, helping
Lonely souls know they are not alone.

No-one escapes the loving light poetry sheds.
It dwells inside each of us, realized or not.
It teaches with simplicity, expands the mind,
Ingratiates itself without any effort when
Expressed with forethought and integrity.
It may stir emotions from the most stoic.
Speech itself, lives and breathes, and is poetic.

Words may elevate our spirit with such intensity
To a generate a feeling akin to euphoric bliss.
Poets, honored in past glory with the status of Kings,
Now dwell in a world often misunderstood by the
Masses too busy to take the time to regard its worth.
How fortunate for the insightful that appreciate and
Embrace the ageless, immortal soul poetry provides.
They are blessed and will give birth to future poets.

From the editor--It is a pleasure to announce that Connie Marcum Wong is August’s Poet of the Month.  She is a talented published writer and the web mistress of a private poetry forum called Poetry for Thought.  She has promoted Whispers at her forum, helping us grow our online journal. Readers at Whispers enjoy her creative poetry.  Connie is an uplifting voice at our online journal, regularly leaving thoughtful comments which others appreciate.  She has shared her talent by participating in some of our community activities. It is a pleasure to honor Connie this month!

Thoughts on “The Gift of Poetry ”--The opening line captured my attention right away as I do believe that poetry is a gift that wells up from a special place within us.  Connie’s poem is rich in imagery, a true artistic experience.  She presents us with an insightful view of the writing experience.  The last line extends this experience beyond the individual’s sphere into the future. It is a gift to share Connie’s words with you!

Congratulations and thank you Connie!  I appreciate all you do and have done for Whispers.


Karen O’Leary, Editor


  1. Congratulations on this poet of the month Connie, great to see..'

  2. Connie,
    I loved this! Beautiful imagery throughout. Congratulations on being voted Poet of the Month!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

    1. Thank you very much David. I feel very honored and joyous at being chosen as Poet of the Month. Blessings, Connie

  3. Thank you, Beth Winchcomb, the following--

    What a wonderful poem, what a wonderful subject, wonderfully expressed in every way. A joy to read.

    Beth Winchcombe

  4. Congratulations,Connie. We see you deserve for being the Poet of the Month. Thank you for all of us poets, honored by beautiful, true and plainspoken words!

    1. You are very welcome Edilson. I am happy you enjoyed it. I feel very honored. Blessings, Connie

  5. Thank you, Isha Wagner, for the following--

    Until I read this poem I am quite sure I had not realised just how much love, vigour, tears,meaning and effort goes into producing a verse : now, thanks to Connie I do know. Such words she writes! Quite something.

    Yours sincerely
    Isha Wagner

    1. What a lovely comment you have given me Isha. I am humbled by this. Thank you so much! Blessings, Connie

  6. Congratulations, Connie, on Poet of the Month and thank you for honoring poetry and poets in this beautiful piece !

    1. You are so welcome Molly. Poetry is more than a hobby it is a large part of my life that helps me in so many ways. Blessings, Connie

  7. Congratulations Connie, I love the way you portray the mind of a poet, I enjoyed relating myself to that amazing imagery. Good work

  8. Thank you, Aju, for the following--

    I congratulate the poet

    Aju Mukhopadhyay

  9. big congrats, my friend - and a delightful poem worthy of this honour

  10. Congratulations! A pleasure to read your work at Whispers. Best wishes Ralph.

  11. Hi Connie! This is a lovely and inspiring poem; I am sure that most of your thoughts are shared by many of us. Indeed, poetry is a gift that means so much to those who are lucky to be associated with it. ~ Congratulations on being chosen POTM ... an honour very much deserved! God bless. // paul

    1. Thank you very much Paul. I appreciate your kind comments. I do feel that most poets feel the same way and that is why they are compelled to write.
      Blessings, Connie

  12. Dear Connie,
    I loved this poem from the first time I read it. You richly deserve the accolade
    For this wonderful poem.
    Lots of love,

    1. Thank you very much my dear friend. I appreciate you leaving me such a lovely comment. Blessings, Connie

  13. Connie...
    you have the gift...
    you give the gift!!!

    1. Thank you very much Terry. Blessings, Connie

  14. Congratulations on being selected poet of the month! Your poem is such a lovely tribute to all poets Connie! Good wishes, Chris~

  15. Hello Connie. Congratulations on being named "Poet of the Month." I also love your poem, The Gift of Poetry." Nicely-written and very poetic. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  16. Excellent poem, so spot on, well done!

  17. Connnie, I am delighted that you are Whisper;s Poet of the Month. It is a well deserved honor. I love your poems and hope to do more reviewing and commenting as my health improves. Robert

    1. Dear Robert, I completely understand. My health and eye problems often keep me from being able to stay online for long. I certainly appreciate your comment and all the wonderful comments left for me. Thank you my friend. Blessings, Connie

  18. Congratulations, Connie! Nice tribute to the art of poetry.