Saturday, April 14, 2018

An-Nur Al-Ain: Manzilat--By Sheikha A.--Pakistan/U.A.E.

An-Nur Al-Ain: Manzilat 
after An-Nur by Laura M. Kaminski (Halima Ayuba)

Moula, your shrine is alight with colours
of lu'lu'a, zamard and manik. My eyes see
still waters; I flow like waves in this sea of
generations, bringing my forehead to the silver,
pressing my skin to your faith. Look at me,
the second lineage of the ripples that will
extend broader and nearer to where
your feet rest; lock your eyes with mine
and bless this curse that frets my sleep
with dreams of prolonged contingency.
My seeds have not met with soil; release me
from this custody, scouring deep wells
with no pails at the ridge, and darkness is
thunderous in enormity. Reward me
for devout-incurred abrasions on my knees;
call me by name when my lungs tremble
under your roar; send me dreams of lions
like the circle of light I bind every day
protecting what is still the birth of me.  

An-Nur Al Ain: Light of the eyes
Manzilat: Place/Position/Status
Moula: Master
Lu'lu'a: Pearls
Zamard: Emeralds
Manik: Rubies

Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and U.A.E. and often finds herself in a world of oscillation that most of the times motivates her writing too. She maintains a (or tries to) blog on                    


  1. Thank you, Sheikha, a very intriguing poem, leaves us with something to ponder about.

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Sheikha,
    Very well described emotional write.
    Knight Writer

  3. Sheikha,

    I enjoyed your poem. Thank you for sharing it and continued blessings to you!