Sunday, April 22, 2018

Special Feature Young Writer--By Eren Cehreli--Turkey

lego train
the world peace 
is simendifer

a kite
the summer days
never end

garden party
i always wear
a messi uniform

Six-year old, Eren Cehreli, shares poetry with us that is remarkable at such a young age. He is a student at Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle at CP class.  CP class, explains his aunt, Fatma Gultepe, is the first class of primary school.


  1. Enjoyed reading these, Eren!
    Liked "a kite..." Best!
    Keep writing.

  2. Hello Eren, so pleased you have come to visit us here at Whispers. Your poem is wonderful, very smart, thank you.

  3. Very nice haiku dear Eren,god bless,love and light,angelee

  4. Dear Eren,
    Nice poems. God bless you. I wish you shine as a bright star.

  5. Hello Eren Cehreli!
    Congratulations! Your poetry is joyful and lively. May your wishes come true! Guliz Mutlu

  6. Dear Eren Cehreli,
    What a beautiful page dedicated to your poetry! Your first steps as a poet is here in this page. We are congratulating you! Your aunt Fatma Gultepe

  7. What a fantastic start! Keep writing, keep reading!

  8. Ahh!! Such talent for one so young. I know that he will be a great writer. Sara

  9. Congratulations Eren!You are the poetic Mess I!Like your garden party.... And your appeal to world peace.

  10. Beautiful poem, Eren. I am humbled at your talent and wish you the best in all your writing endeavors. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Continued blessings!


  11. Very good Eren,
    Keep up your good writing
    Knight Writer

  12. Wow, Eren! Your poems are very good!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  13. Eren,
    I loved your poem. You certainly have a lot of talent for someone so young!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  14. Very lovely collection, enjoy the writing journey!

  15. well done, indeed - you certainly have a lot of talent, Eren

  16. Eren, I'm thoroughly captivated by your debut as you not only instantly impressed me with your writing but instigated me to look up the word "Simendifer" which when I googled brought me to a most enchanting mystical piece of music of same name from album "ORA" (Ozgur Yilmaz), and a series of children's books by Turkish author Simendifer Cocuklari whom perhaps you are familiar with. That said, it was the electrifying lines of your first poem that excited me so much that I will be sure to follow you as you continue to enchant us all and gather in further fans as you progress. I'M KEEPING my eyes on you!! You're exceptional. Good Luck and WELCOME!!! (:

  17. Absolutely amazing, I see a bright writing future ahead for you Eren.

    Best wishes,

  18. Thank you everyone for your wonderful encouragement of Eren. Congratulations Eren! I hope will be submitting more poetry for publication. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


  19. You have impressed me by your lovely three-liners, Eren. Simendifer and the lego train travel hand in hand; may your writing skills also travel far and wide. // paul