Thursday, April 12, 2018

Your valuable gift--By Swapan Kumar Rakshit--India

Your valuable gift

I promise to be your sun; you’ve every right to dislike me.
Though, you will never feel signals from my loving heart.
When cold chills will run down your back momentarily,
I’ll send warm rays for your comfort; but, I’ll stay apart.

After a prolonged downpour, I’ll colorise your rainbow.
At afternoon, I’ll present you a colourful firmament
I’ll decorate the fountain of your life with a sunbow,
And, you’ll be prioritised, even, adorned by an ornament

But, I’ll never exhaust you by radiating my scorching heat,
I'll leave the residual heat when I’ll go down.
I won’t loot your resources like an uncontrolled anarchist.
Rather, I’ll brighten your grace to embellish your renown.

You may not admit your sun as your life’s valuable gift,
This sun will always be ready to give you the required uplift.

Swapan Kumar Rakshit is an Indian poet. He lives at Aurobindanagar (North), Bankura, India. He wants to be acquainted with the universal creative minds through his poems and wants to come into contact with that creative force.


  1. Nicely done and well-written, Swapan. I enjoyed your poem. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  2. Dear Swapan,

    Such a lovely poem, thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  3. I like this Swapan. Most love feels vain. It is marvelous if
    & when it turns around, to be two as one.
    Knight Writer