Monday, April 23, 2018

The Time-Machine--By Jack Horne--England

The Time-Machine

Last week, I built a time-machine,
and, first, I traveled back to see
the dinosaurs upon the Earth;
they tried to eat or trample me!

Such fun to set the clock and then
I'd whoosh through time, from age to age:
I saw the Romans, Vikings, Celts,
and witnessed Shakespeare on the stage.

I longed to be with you again;
I'd travel back and there I'd stay...
my memories and what I saw
were quite at odds, like night and day.

I realised that in my mind
I'd changed the past; my love was blind.

Jack Horne enjoys reading and writing poetry. He is Whispers' Activity Features Editor.


  1. Dear Jack,

    I would like to travel through a time machine once as long as I'm sure I find my way back. Your journey through the ages learned you a lesson at last. Well written my friend.


  2. Hi Jack,

    This is a good one, whimsical but very clever as well. I really like the way you adopted the sonnet structure but changed the rhyme scheme.

  3. Clever, concise, in need of being put to music... I love this, Jack.

  4. I almost joined you, but you sauntered by moments before I could take in the Egyptian pyramids! A good poem.

  5. Hi Jack. "Time Machine" is a beautiful poem. I loved reading it. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  6. Glad that your time machine is in good working order, Jack! A very pleasant poem with a superb ending. Regards // paul

  7. I like this imaginative writing Jack. I loved the ending. Keep your talent posting.
    Knight Writer