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Featured Activity--Football Footles

Football Footles

Thanks go out to all of the participants who joined in the football footle activity.  Since soccer was the prelude to western football, some of the footles deal with soccer.  Brian Strand developed the footle form which has been enjoyed by many.  Thank you, Brian, for your creativity.                                    --Carolyn

Soccer                                                                 Houston Texans’ First Pick

new name                                                           Clowney
old game                                                             Downey

By Brian Strand                                                  By Kevin Bates

Seattle Seahawks                                              Summer’s Over

12th man                                                            It's Fall.
loud fan                                                             Football!

By Carl "Papa" Palmer                                      By Carl "Papa" Palmer

Rooting for Favorite Football Team                  The Success of the New England Patriots

Go Browns                                                        One key
Touchdowns                                                      Brady

By Russell Sivey                                               By Russell Sivey

Vikings' Victory!                                               Giants' Quarterback Sneak

game day                                                        Eli
my way                                                           Slides by

By Karen O’Leary                                           By Diane Locksley

Jets' Second String Vick-tory                         Manchester United's Loose Shorts

Vick benched                                                 Moony
Heart wrenched                                             Rooney

By Diane Locksley                                         By Jack Horne

Dallas Cowboys’ Secret Weapon                  Retired England Captain in a punch up   

Romo                                                            Deck 'em
Mojo                                                             Beckham

By Carolyn Devonshire                                 By Jack Horne

FSU Heisman Winner                                   LUCKNOW LADS       

Famous                                                        Passing
Jameis                                                         Kicking

By Carolyn Devonshire                                By Dr. Ranu Uniyal

On the Field                                                 Oklahoma Football

Tackling                                                      Sooner
Scoring                                                       Schooner

By Dr. Ranu Uniyal                                      By Robert Hewett, Sr.

Baltimore Ravens                                      Sooners Throwing Power

Craven                                                       T. Knight
Ravens                                                       Delight

By Robert Hewett, Sr.                                By Sheri Stanley

Seahawks’ Punter Waiting for Work         Training methods in Green Bay

Cryin’                                                         Pack hay
Ryan                                                          All day

By Joyce Johnson                                     By Paul Callus

Player Transfer                                         Star running back loses ball

New club                                                   Fumble
Still sub                                                     Humble

By Paul Callus                                          By Daver Austin

Special teams                                          Taste of Victory

Block Kick                                                Big win
Score Quick                                             We grin

By Jan Allison                                          By Tim Smith

A Huge Run                                             Peyton's Accurate Arm

Halfback                                                  Manning
Cuts back                                                Jamming

By Tim Smith                                         
By Marlene Million

Colts Charm                                            Touchdown!  Fumble!

Strong Chuck                                          Humble
Good Luck                                              Tumble

By Marlene Million                                  By Jane Richer

Call time-out!                                          Peterson Dance

cuddle                                                     AP
huddle                                                    TD!

By Jane Richer                                       By Karen O'Leary

Johnny Football Flips the Bird at Washington Redskins

talk trash
pay cash

cross line
big fine

By Sandra Stefanowich

Texas A&M beats Nick Saben's Crimson Tide


By Daver Austin


Thank you for participating in this fun activity!  Hope your football/soccer teams are winning this year. 

Carolyn Devonshire
Whispers’ Activity Editor


Special thank you, to Carolyn Devonshire, for the many hours she spent promoting and putting together this wonderful collection of poetry gems.  This has been a delight to read.  Thank you to all the contributors for sharing your words.


Karen O'Leary
Whispers' Editor 


  1. These are great! Thanks to you all...

  2. Thank you to both Karen and Carolyn for coming out with this footle idea; very witty and entertaining! Makes for a nice change:) // paul

  3. Dear Poetry Friends,

    Carolyn deserves all the credit for this one. It was her idea. If anyone else has any ideas, I'm always open to new opportunities. Big thank you to you, Carolyn!!


    1. I only had the idea. Karen did the layout.

    2. Dear Carolyn,

      You are too modest. You promoted the activity and selected the poems for publication. I thank you for all the time you put into this fun activity.


  4. Thank you Carolyn for this fun read. All of the Footles were great and I enjoyed every one.
    Love, Charlene

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  6. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your footle comments and kind words. This was such a fun activity. It was good to see so many participating. I appreciate all the support.


  7. Very funny and witty. I really enjoyed this. Congratulations Carolyn and all the poets that participated. Continued blessings!

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  8. This was a fun activity, and I enjoyed reading them all! Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. Thank you, everyone, for your support with this fun event. If anyone has another idea for a future activity and would like to be the editor for it, please let me know. This presents another opportunity for growth and sharing our words. I will help the editor with final selections and formatting. Thank you for considering this.


  10. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following--

    Footles - had a good chuckle at these and enjoyed taking part in this

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Glad so many are enjoying these. Thank you to all the contributors.

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