Saturday, September 27, 2014

Free Victims--By Andrew Ntchindi Jere--Malawi

Free Victims

lock their past behind doors,
concentrating on today with effort,
heading for the light-streaming front,
disappointing their past disappointments.

discover abilities hidden within them,
elevating themselves with it to their aspired heights,
free in their skies like clouds,
anticipating no fall.

close loop holes on them,
for no entry of thieves again,
allowing no situation
to cut short their dreams.

keep stepping up
on the sky stairs of success,
taking each step with caution,
so that they never slip nor stumble.

lift any heavy weight standing in their way,
throwing it away out of their view,
making a clear path for themselves,
to reach their dreamland.

Andrew Ntchindi Jere is a youthful Malawian poet. His poems have been extensively published in his country’s leading local newspapers, magazines and online publications. His poem, “The Charcoal Maker” was nominated in the 2013 Wisdom Dede Kamkondo Poetry Competition; the most prestigious Malawian poetry competition. He is a second year student at Mzuzu University, Malawi. He believes that God is his source of creativity.


  1. Hello, there, Andrew. Well, hmmm, if the truth were really known, I mean "really, really", none of us is really "free"..... in the sense of the word's definition. Sometimes those even as high up as could be possible are the least free. But, definitely, your poem offers much food for thought. It is awesome to read you here on the Whispers venue! Hope to read more of your inspiring words. Sheri /

  2. Nice poem, Andrew. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  3. Andrew thank you for sharing your well written and inspiring poem. Indeed we must continue to aspire to heights that are new not allowing our dreams to fall by the wayside, allowing past failures to be indicators of a probable failed future. Your poem touched my heart.
    Sincerely, Charlene

  4. Andrew,
    Great poem and continued success in your studies!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  5. Thank you, Eleanor Michael, for the following--

    To strive for better days.


  6. Thank you, Gerald Heyder, for the following--

    Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for your kind words regarding my poem. Your poem, "Free Victims," is a well defined verse regarding the human condition. Good poem!

  7. Thank you, Suzanne Clement, for the following--

    Follow your dreams! That's what this poem says to me!