Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jeremiah!--By Linda Hurdwell--England


Jeremiah stuttered and would rarely talk
His legs so crippled he could barely walk
Yet his eager smile was full of cheer
Not portraying one selfish tear.

Jeremiah loved fresh air on his face
And would hold out bony arms to embrace
“I I I am so h h a happy,”
His words stammered out with glee.
For each Thursday night in the school hall
While the other lads played football,
Jeremiah would sing with a clear pure voice
Leaving his teacher with little choice
But to clasp her hands with such joy
As she listened to this little boy
“Oh Jeremiah,” she cried, “You’re doing well.”
And as he sang his heart would swell.

It seemed this boy found it hard to talk
And no, he never learned to walk.
It seemed at first he could do not a thing.
But then he sang. – And oh how he could sing!

Linda Hurdwell has been a widow for 5 years.  She has two adult sons. Living in the English countryside, she takes her dog, Bessie, for a daily walks and that's where many of her poems and stories are born.  She has always loved writing and has a few short stories published.  Although now a pensioner,  she enjoys working with adults with learning disabilities and running a mencap social club once a week.  Her hobbies are writing, tap dancing, and going to the theatre or cinema with my friends.


  1. Lin, I really love this poem. There is so much joy in working with others, especially those less advantaged than ourselves and the feedback is always wonderful, warm and full of gratitude.

  2. So very touching Linda and often so true that a handicapped person may have a talent far beyond any expectations. Beautiful story picture, keep on writing. Robert

  3. Dear Lin,

    Thank you for all the encouraging comments you sent for other writers today. Supportive people like you make Whispers possible. Thanks also for sharing your talent here for others to enjoy. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


  4. Linda, you brought tears to my eyes. Some people are blessed with many talents and still do not appreciate them. This little boy thought of what he COULD do, not what he couldn't accomplish. What a gift to the world his song is! Have a happy holiday season! Carolyn Devonshire

  5. I think we can all learn a few things from Jeremiah's joyous singing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem, Linda.

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications, Creative Inspirations

  6. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following comment--

    Do us a favor and keep on writing, Linda. Great inspiration poetry.

    Bob D