Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Once Upon A Winter's Night--By Sara Kendrick--United States

Once Upon A Winter's Night

Once upon a cold winter's night
There reigned a snow-capped mountain
The rock hearth glowed with embers bright
And love flowed like a seeping fountain
In memories it flows again unchained

Snowy winters come and go and go
Snow 'pon the mountain thins
Fires in the rocky hearth sometimes glows
Only on cold winter nights~ love spins
And pain's memory chamber ends

Snowy mountains don't remain
Avalanches, earthquakes take their due
For that mountain love uncontained
Let that hearth fire now renew
Amazing love flourish and accrue

Sara Kendrick married young and had a family soon after. After her last child went to school, she decided to pursue her GED. A gentlemen who worked with the GED program encouraged her to enroll in college.  She worked part time and cared for her family in addition to her studies. She graduated from Mercer University. Several years ago, after a health crisis, she started writing poetry. 


  1. Hi Sara. I want to thank you for sharing this outstanding nature poem. By sharing this poem, you have given me something to ponder. I primarily write spiritual and Christ-centered poetry, and while this is something I will continue writing, I am very sentimental to poems of nature. I love nature and all the beauty God has created and continues to create. I think I want to add more nature poems to my writing. I was debating about this, but upon reading your poem (and others from other poets), I am now certain that I need to add more poems on this subject I love. Thank you again for sharing this and congratulations on going back to school and obtaining your GED and then your college degree. Education is very important.

    -MJ, Owner / Editor
    Creative Inspirations Poetry Publication

  2. Dear Sara, this is truly an incredible poem! I see the "avalanches and earthquakes" as metaphors for the challenges God places before us. The imagery is quite striking, my friend. I hope you keep the home fires burning and warmth fills your house throughout the holiday season. Love, Carolyn Devonshire