Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Jane Richer and Pam Murray--Canada

Risen in Triumph

A rumbling was heard in the foul chasms of Hell,
believers heard, but none of them could tell.
The demons and devils shook with the force of the quakes,
As leaves will do when angry storm wind breaks.

The walls buckled and fell inward and smashed to the ground,
the faithful trembled when they heard the awesome sound.
A light shone upward from within the deepest pit,
and all the world bowed down on the seeing of it.

Angels danced and rejoiced in the highest heavens above,
as the Almighty God revealed His anger and love.
It was time for His Son to take back what Satan had fouled,
to send back all those minions, darkly cowled.

Amidst the Devil's cowering; a figure walked towards that throne,
the Light of lights, He came forth to make this place His own.
He ripped away the keys of Sin and Death; that was on the Devil's breast,
and lighting all the world, left none hurt and none repressed.

Then His Father lifted him up and removed His body from the grave,
reminding us that His beloved Son had died, so that we all can be saved.
Now we His children remember the sacrifice He made there on the tree,
and how He's risen in triumph to give us all Eternity.


  1. Jane and Pam, what else can I actually say to your collaboration but Amen! Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice and thank the both of your for collaborating together to treat us to such a tasty, great reminder of the Reason we can enjoy the gift of salvation. Blessing to you both.

    -MJ, Owner / Editor
    Creative Inspirations Poetry Publication

    1. As one-half of this poetry collaboration, I am pleased that you enjoyed this tribute to God and the awe-inspiring sacrifice of His only Son and the rewards that we reaped from it. Pam and myself love to share our joy of writing with others and I love to read the gems that you have in Creative Inspirations as well. Love Jane

  2. Hi Jane and Pam, You created a feeling of Armageddon in the beginning of the poem and I could clearly see the upheaval among the demons. How fortunate we are that Christ gave His life to save our souls. This is quite a wonderful collaboration. Bravo! Have a merry Christmas, Carolyn Devonshire

    1. Thank you Carolyn and wow to create a feeling of Armageddon is truly a powerful way to describe our collaborative poem and it justifies our poem to show the ultimate sacrifice made by God and His Son for us. Love Jane

  3. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following comment--

    I am no expert but I know what I like and this poem impressed me greatly. I love the way in which it was written, the subject matter and it's portrayal in its spiritual and physical form. Really. I am impressed. You folks need to team up again if this kind of literature is indicative of the talents you have within. God bless you both. Thank you.

    Bob D.

    1. Hi Robert and I am glad that you enjoyed this collaboration from both of us. You do not need to be an expert to know what touches your heart and I love that you are not one. We wrote this for all people and not to score points with a literary whiz! lol Pam and myself have written other collaboration together and I sent this one to Karen before I even consulted with my friend and she told me she was thinking of sending in one of our collaborations as well. She was thrilled that I beat her to it, ha ha and she loved the choice I sent in. We may be a province apart but we are still great friends and both of us love to write. Love Jane

  4. Jane and Pam,
    This is very nice. It just goes to proved that Jesus can triumph over any evil, even the Devil! May you be blessed many times over for writing and sharing this.
    David Fox