Friday, January 17, 2014

Harmonious--By Rick Parise--United States


Unspoken words
silent and unheard
waiting for the poets vision
to paint each delicate word

On sunlit morning's glowing warmth
and hills of velvet gold
where subtle stroke of vibrant grace
capture each harmonic word

We stand in awe
as drum beats roll
and fill our weary souls
when at last comes love
the key to life
profound in sacred truth

On sunlit morning's glowing warmth
I climb the hill tops high
and dream in visions of purest white
above the azure sky

Rick Parise, known as “A Pondering Poet”, is from the beautiful land of Salem, Oregon.  The main focus of his poetry is to take the reader to a meaningful, personal time in their lives, to a place where spirit's are touched and memories unwind. He hopes you enjoy his work. To Contact Rick please email him at


  1. I love the warmth flowing throughout this piece, especially on a cold winter's day. Takes me back to the beauty of summer. Lisa

  2. Hi, Rick, I love this - has to me the makings of a song. Also, it is amazingly filled with a certain warmth that one experiences on that one-on-one experience with nature and the awesomeness of that melding moment........... Excellent! Sheri

  3. Rick, this is such a lovely poem with so much warmth. I loved the words, "when at last comes love the key to life". Truly, love is the key to life that is fulfilling and it is obvious that you love life. Thank you for sharing such a well written poem.

  4. This poem touches me deeply. I love the rhythm, and I love your word choice. Each verse soothes my soul. Well done.

  5. Hi Rick. Let me first say that I enjoyed "Harmonious." It is a well-written and artistic poem. That first stanza is what really catches my eye, setting the tone for the remainder of the poem. Thank you for sharing. I will be emailing you soon to ask if you will consider submitting a poem to my poetry publication, Creative Inspirations. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  6. A well written poem. Harmonious is the perfect name for this poem. The imagery flows and puts the reader into the poem. Beautiful and touching.

    Shirley Smothers