Saturday, January 18, 2014

Theology of Hope--By Eunice.Gaba,Rafywa--Botswana

Theology of Hope

I am hopeful, yes I am
Hopeful for today,
Tomorrow and the future
Whenever I sense a loss of hope
I raise my head and
Look up to the blue skies
I cry my plea to the almighty Lord
In outer space who’d never resent me
Nor rail against me

I am hopeful, yes I am
That one day things will brighten up
The heavens’ doors I’ve long been
Knocking upon shall open

Sometimes I imagine where hope is
In my dreams whispering
Sometimes I imagine in my dreams that
My theology of hope has come
Whenever I lose a sense of wonder
God casts the theology of hope upon me
And I’m as grateful as I can ever be

Eunice.Gaba,Rafywa is a health coordinator, a teacher, a writer of poetry, drama and literature. She published her first Poetry book in September 24, 2013 called The Poet in Me. Eunice is very active in coordinating health and wellness, HIV and AIDS and charity clubs. She views herself as a woman of change who is driven by creativity and thrives for excellence in all aspects of life. She is a member of at least 27 poetry groups on Facebook as she would like to learn more about the world of writing.


  1. I love your free flowing poem spilling out from the very heart of you and touching upon a note which resonates with every poet who writes, inspires, ignites and touches the soul of the world - beautiful words that have an eternal echo... Sheri

    1. Dear S sta

      Thank you very much for your kind words of praise, I'm very grateful and your comment motivates me to write more. GOD bless you!

  2. Hope is always shining brightly before us and I loved your poem of hope. It reveals your heart for God, the author of hope, faith and charity. He cannot but reward such faith as yours for you know where to look for help. Your poem and spirit resonates with my spirit. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Love, Charlene

  3. Dear Charlene

    Thank you very much for your moving and motivating comment. I'm really happy to have met great poets/authors such as yourself for it gives me hope that some day I will finally reach my desire of becoming one of the best poets/writers. I appreciate your support and beautiful comments!!May all the blessings of GOD be showered upon you!!

  4. Hello Eunice. I too believe that "things will one day brighten up." This is a lovely poem of hope and inspiration. Thank you for sharing it. Continued blessings! And oh, please feel free to submit some poetry to my poetry publication, Creative Inspirations. More information can be found at my website (link below).

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  5. Dear Eunice,

    Beautiful lines.
    Sometimes I imagine where hope is
    In my dreams whispering

    As the bible says where there is no vision people perish and I can a lot of visions in these lines, and with I hope one gets what he or she needs.

    Andrew Ntchindi Jere - Malawi

  6. Dear Eunice, such an optimistic outlook is a treasure. I believe in hope and to never give up. I find inspiration in your words. Robert

  7. Eunice, this is a well-written poem filled with hope. Thank you for sharing.Please keep it up!