Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Poet of the Month--Carolyn Devonshire

Wind Talker

By Carolyn Devonshire

‘neath the halo of a full moon
Wind Talker gives music to the night
flute carved from a fallen tree

he plays to the dwindling forest
trees that remain and creatures losing habitat
softly the melody resonates through the woods

Wind Talker recalls stories handed down
tribal legacies of prosperity, joy
an era when animals were protected and revered

glory days of spiritual people
proud Native Americans who honored their culture
cast away even as treaties were signed

so much has been lost
so much

clad in soft skins
Wind Talker wishes for what might have been
if settlers had never made their way to his land

yes, the land is his
it always will be; this he knows
his heart’s sadness emanates from Wind Talker’s flute

development is approaching, encroaching
more houses, more highways
fewer trees, less land for animals to roam freely

resignation sets in
no way to reclaim the past
ceremonial drums fade in the distance

so much has been lost
so much


From the editor--Carolyn was an easy choice for our first Poet of the Month.  An award winning writer and former editor, her talent is evident.  Readers at Whispers relate to her poems.  Almost from the beginning of our online journal, she has been recommending the site to other writers.  Due to her efforts, several poets are now regular contributors to Whispers.  She regularly posts thoughtful and encouraging comments for other writers.  She has also been helpful with suggestions to help improve the site.  Thus, it is a privilege to present her with this honor.

Thoughts on “Wind Talker”--I first read “Wind Talker” in an international poetry magazine called Poems of the World.  I asked Carolyn to submit it for inclusion with her honor as an example of the quality of her writing.  Right away, the title intrigued me, an asset for any poem.  The emotion flows through her words in a way that one feels the spiritual essence.  “Wind Talker” is a powerful poem with a timeless quality, an amazing piece.

Congratulations and thank you Carolyn!  I appreciate all you do and have done for Whispers.


Karen O’Leary, Editor


  1. Congratulations Carolyn. You deserve to be the Poet of the Month. Thanks a ton Whispers for encouraging poets.

  2. The wind talker is a special poem of great thought and history. Congratulations on being the first Poet of the Month on Whispers, an honor well earned and deserved. I look forward to getting to know you and your writings better. Robert

  3. Thank you, Robert Hinshaw, for the following comment--

    Dear Carolyn: Hearty congrats! I know of no one more deserving of this distinguished honor for your outstanding contributions to the poets' community! - Bob Hinshaw

  4. Thank you, Connie Marcum, for the following comment--

    Please pass this comment on to Carolyn. Wind Talker is a poem that touches the hearts of those of us who value the great reverance Native Americans have for the nature of the land. It is written with honor, respect and appreciation for how great the past was before many came and distroyed the synergistic way of life of a gentile and wise people. Congratulations Carolyn on becoming the first Poet of the Month with this beautiful poem. Aloha, Connie

  5. Thank you, Joann Grisetti, for the following comment--

    Carolyn is a skilled poet and this is a well deserved honor for her.

  6. Thank you, David Austin, for the following comment--

    Please give my congratulations to my good friend, Carolyn. She is a true tribal member. Her flute is haunting and beautiful. Love, Dave Austin

  7. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    a wonderful write and many congrats on this honour, my friend

  8. Congratulations! A beautiful poem. We sometimes forget the Native Americans were here first.
    Well written.

  9. Carolyn is certainly well deserving to be chosen the 'Poet of the Month' for January. Her writing skills and caring nature is a joy to her readers. Wishing Carolyn many moment of inspiration, many hours of sharing her thoughts with us and many, many years of happiness and lasting health...Rhoda Galgiani

  10. Congratulations, Carolyn, for the well deserved honor of being chosen as Poet of the Month for January. I absolutely loved the poem and could even hear the flute playing a very melancholy tune as I read the sad words. Thank you for sharing this poem as an example of your talent, which is amazing. Also your constant support and encouragement of all of us as writers of poetry for Whispers is so much appreciated.
    Love, Charlene

  11. Congratulations Carolyn:
    Your nature poem is haunting and honors a proud Native Heritage.
    Thanks for sharing your insight and tradition.

  12. Congratulations Carolyn on being Poet of the Month. Your poem, Wind Talker, love the title, is beautifully written, a pleasue to read. Best wishes, Leokadia

  13. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following comment--

    Dear Carolyn, this comes as no surprise to me that you have been chosen for poet of the month. For me the surprise would have been if you had NOT been chosen. Congratulations Carolyn, for just being you.:) We love you and your poetry.

    Bob D

  14. Dear Carolyn,

    Congratulations on being poet of the month I am very happy for you! I loved this poem when I first read it. Picturing the image of the Wind Talker in your first stanza draws us in as you eloquently write of the history on how much the Native Americans have lost as the Wind Talker plays his flute. The lines " so much has been lost, so much" is haunting as we are left to wonder of the plight of the Native Americans long ago and now. Enjoy this honor my friend you deserve it and as Rob Dufrense said above thank you "for just being you" and for the kindness you bestow upon others, it is a gift to us all.

    Love Sandra

  15. Carolyn, your words speak to my heart as my hearts bleeds for the plight of all of life and especially in the progress of the "concrete jungle" which win out over the preservation of the 'rest of life"......... your poem touches my soul ....... Sheri

  16. Hi Carolyn. I absolutely agree with Karen: "Wind Talker is a powerful poem with a timeless quality." This is a beautiful poem and a vivid reminder of some of the not so pleasant features of humankind. Thank you for sharing this and CONGRATULATIONS on being named the Poet of the Month for Whispers! You are truly deserving. Continued success in all your writing endeavors.

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  17. Thank you, Sara Kendrick, for the following comment--

    Carolyn congrats on being Poet Of The Month.

  18. Thank you, Joyce Johnson, for the following comment--

    "I am not surprised that Carolyn was the first one to Named "Poet of the Month." She has great talent and a sensitive artistic touch to her works. This poem demonstrates it beautifully. Joyce Johnson

  19. Wow! This is worthy of this honour and it is wonderful to read and ponder upon. I feel this every time I look out my window or read about the primal rain forests of British Columbia being destroyed in the name of progress.


  20. Wonderful well done and congrats. best wishes. Pete.

  21. Amazing write that took me back to when this land was beauty itself. All forest, streams and pristine land before Man destroyed the beauty. Love this wonderful pen. Janet

  22. My dear Carolyn, Congratulations on being chosen, "Poet of the Month"! A title so very well deserved. As for your amazing poem, which is just one of so many that shows your love and respect of nature and calls attention to our duty to be overseers. We can never hope to achieve peace in our lives when we neglect nature or treat our fellowman any less than ourselves. This is one of my favorites! Love always, Audrey

  23. Dear Carolyn -

    You ARE the poet of the month and many other months to me. Congratulations. The mournful tale you talk about here sinks into my pores. Your refrain "so much has been lost, so much" is powerful my friend.


  24. As you can see Carolyn I have now got a google account..' so now I can
    comment without having to through Karen, Belated congrafulations on the
    poet of the month spot.' I emphathsize with this searching write that adresses aspects of the nomadic life of Native American Indians..It was
    a testing life though as well, survival on the merit of mind and body strength, a short lifespan reflecting the transience of the tangible things of the world
    take care Joe..'

  25. Thank you, Robert Hinshaw, for the following--

    "I was delighted to note that you have been selected as Poet of the Month. Congratulations! I know of no one more deserving. I want to thank you for your friendship, support and encouragement for my poetical journey over the past several years. Bob Hinshaw"

  26. Fresh and inspiring - another enjoyable one Carolyn! x