Sunday, January 17, 2016

Are You Not Snow?--By Learnmore Edwin Zvada--Zimbabwe

Are You Not Snow?

Are you not snow, the daughter of a cold winter spell?
You sure do have the ways of the raindrop
Only gentler do you fall
Like a wizened leaf falling off an old tree 
But white is such a sad color on you
Assorted colors of the rainbow, 
Those would look glam on you
But you chose not the refulgence of colors
Preferring a monochrome flaunting such as of nightly emanation

Are you not snow, a forgiving curse of the thawing sea?
I have seen you cringing amidst the clouds
At such you tear into drizzle and mist 
Like a lover scorned, somewhat forward as it were 
Something is surely brewing up there
I should think you are a bit immoral for my taste
Reason why I will tiptoe whenever you are around

Learnmore Edwin Zvada is a Zimbabwean poet with a desire to inspire and amuse people with poetry. Currently he is working on his first poetry book. 


  1. A poem as gentle as a snowflake! I really enjoyed your posting. Best wishes Ralph.

  2. Learnmore,
    I liked this a lot. Welcome to Whispers!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox