Tuesday, January 19, 2016

“Barney and Molly”--By Marcus Omer--United States

“Barney and Molly”
  There was a rich man named Barney Krupp.
  While eating vittles his jaws would droop.
  He was eating one day
  when his elbows gave way,
  ‘fore they caught him he drowned in his soup.

  Now the waitress named Molly distraught
  about the large bowl of soup she’d brought.
  Ole Barn’s a large tipper;
  when poverty did grip-her,
  she went back to what Mother had taught.

  Her late Mother a dancer by trade,
  there was only one choice to be made.
  So Miss Molly McPhee
  remembers ole Barney,
  in a large bowl, as a dancing mermaid.

Marcus Omer got serious about writing after he retired in 1997. He draws his inspiration from the many emotions we experience in life. He has published Of Sunshine and Clouds with iUniverse and The Winding Road with Shadow Poetry. He’s also published in Snippets, The Magic of Words and several issues of Golden Words.

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