Saturday, January 23, 2016

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Andrea Dietrich and CayCay Jennings--United States

Silver and Gold – A Friendship Duet

By Andrea Dietrich and CayCay Jennings

Your concern cushions my every footstep.
You never lean - I freely walk, talk, dance –
Knowing you would never seed my regret,
but remain golden with your acceptance.

Like pure golden ore is your lovely gift –
acceptance given without any strings.
Respecting each other, we’ll have no rift.
When free to be me, my spirit sings!

Silver and gold; silver and gold –
our friendship is a sweet treasure –
a bounty of gladness always to hold.
Silver and gold; silver and gold –
a value of two-heart measure.

My bridge of dreams could never safely rise,
protectively anchored to strongly stand
while arching to yet, higher calling skies
without your love securing it to land.

A bridge shining silver - indeed - it seems –
this friendship you’ve happily given to me.
Together let’s climb it, fulfilling our dreams
as we love unconditionally!

Silver and gold; silver and gold –
our friendship is a sweet treasure –
a bounty of gladness always to hold.
Silver and gold; silver and gold –


  1. Silver and Gold are, just as this fine poem... Simpatico... Love this poem, from the sources to the successes, stage by stage, on the grandest stage of all, shared.

    1. Enjoyed reading this collaboration between Andrea and CayCay..Sara

  2. Your lovely duet plays well together. Silver and gold intertwining, both individual, but together something even finer. Thank you for posting.

  3. I agree, Mary Jo. This is a very musical duet. Poems in two voices are tricky.

  4. A lovely, fresh, spritely duet by two of my favourite writers! You two mix to form platinum! ~ Regards // paul

  5. A wonderful poem, thank you for sharing this wonderful collaboration!

  6. A beautiful song shared by true friendship! This is a wonderful collaboration from both of you CayCay and Andrea. Also from two of my favorite talented poet friends. Cheers, Connie

  7. Andrea and CayCay,
    Beautiful poem. Welcome to Whispers CayCay!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  8. Thank you, Isha, for the following--

    This, to my mind, is a remarkable poem as it expresses so concisely something I have never experienced but do dream of : the freedom to be yourself, knowing that all you reveal is lovingly accepted without judgement and, in turn, you give that freedom to the other. This is love.

    These two poets say it all. With thanks.

    Yours sincerely,
    Isha Wagner

  9. Dear Andrea and Caycay,

    You must be so happy with the outpouring of kind words and encouragement regarding your wonderful poem. Caycay, Welcome to Whispers! I hope you will enjoy your time spent here and that you will share more poetry for our online journal in the future.


  10. what a lovely blend of emotions !

  11. I especially like "My bridge of dreams could never safely rise"

    Thank you both, so well done.

  12. Thank you, Phyllis Babcock, for the following--

    A wonderful collaboration by you two . It sounds like it could almost be a lyrics gold and silver, silver and gold. Awesome.

    love phyl

  13. This is really lovely! A great end to a busy but happy day.