Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spiral--By Don Beukes--United Kingdom


Our journey begins in a sphere of love
helpless and dependent on our parents' love,
We observe mimic and explore, eager to open our
own future door. We fall we stumble we recover,
instinctively sensing the love for one another.
A mother dear soothing our fear, a father bold and brave
holding everyone near. A spark ignites revealing unimaginable sights
of a future unseen as time moulds us to become confident and keen.
We follow a pre-ordained spiral, our hunger for life goes viral
shaping our own destiny, battling with our true inner being.
The path continuously winding, the journey often grinding.
Constantly evolving frantically always solving. Along the way
someone says 'hey' together battling life's infinite highway.
Adapting uniting existing loving.
Parental bond eternal,
still keeping watch over our expanding spiral.
A whisper away just to say things will be okay,
which way to steer and sail...
even through the veil.

Don Beukes is a retired teacher of English who now devotes more time to share his words with our global village. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, he grew up and was educated during the last two decades of Apartheid and want to share his literal mentality in order to enable others to adjust their moral compass in an ever-changing society. He also writes under the alias of SalamanDer.


  1. Thank you once again Karen for sharing my words to our global village. I am humbled.

  2. yes, we are nothing without our parents, for those fortunate who have wonderful parents! great poem!