Monday, January 25, 2016

The Moon--By John Polselli--United States

The Moon

Ascending incrementally below
The sable ceiling of the firmament,
Emblazoned with a crown of stars aglow
Like gleaming diamonds of the opulent,
Or burning tapers ’round a mausoleum
Does the cyclops of the heavens loom
Above this rolling luminary colosseum;
Above this whirling solitary womb.
Yet, as one drowning in a sea of black
Descends unto the depths to meet his death,
The ashen moon swerves downward on its track,
Diffused in mist, diminishing in breadth;
A genuflection to the morning light
Which resurrects and vanquishes the night.

John Polselli’s poetry has been published in many literary journals and is the recipient of several Editor’s Choice Awards.  As a poet, John enjoys composing in all traditional forms including free verse as well as inventing his own.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you, Andrew and Sheikha, for your lovely comments on John's poem. I will send your thoughts to him. Thank you, John, for your continues support and encouragement. Your poem is such an artistic experience. Keep up the good writing!

    Blessings to all of you,