Sunday, January 10, 2016

Parataxis--By Suzanne Delaney--United States


I'm not one who journals her daily thoughts,
another place would tell of bare instances,
about insights gained from symbols in dreams,
the fault in our stars, living and contriving.

Each plight brings practicable explanations,
provident planning, the difference it makes
to declutter, the truth about multi-tasking,
a composed mind, an opulence of patience,
bestow the utmost in you,
this flower, this beauty, another nascence,

the blue period between silent, pre-dawn light,
river descriptions,  your problem as a mountain,
how best to comprehend time, hold dear silence,
to continue worldly themes,
the mad pulse of someone's net loyalty, stopped,
knowing all along, your niche is, wherever you are.

Suzanne Delaney is a retired Registered Nurse. A resident of Hawaii, USA she was born in Tasmania. She now has time to pursue her passion for writing poetry, creating collages and for traveling. 


  1. Oh my Suz, your creative talent shines brightly in this elusive piece. I went wildly on this journey with you and enjoyed every second. I wish you a most blessed 2016 my friend.
    Please share this with PFT members. I know they would love it too!
    Love, Connie

    1. Dear Connie: Thanks for your always wonderful support.
      I have done a second draft on this so I would love to share both versions on PFT to see which version you feel works best.
      I have had an awful case of shingles since Christmas so just now getting back to feeling up to do much. Hugs, SuZ

  2. Hi is lovely to be reading this creative poem again. Hope the new year is being good to you and affording you writing time and inspiration. ~ Regards // paul

    1. Thanks Paul: Your visits always give me much encouragement. I have re-worked this one and entered it into a Soup Challenge. The newer version is on my soup page. Cheers, SuZ