Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dance in the Night--By Richard Carl Subber (Rick)--United States

Dance in the Night

jittering dance of light and dark,
the jabs of motions,
frantic flow of hitch and start,
the dervish jolts, more dash and retreat,
more scuttle from the murky edge,
more hasty mash of shapes and lines,
they will not stay, they will not still,
they have no time to tarry.

These umbered sprites,
these shimmered dabs,
these moonstruck shadows
   of the credulous leaves
      that are tempted to live
         by the mischievous wind in the night.

Richard Carl Subber (Rick) is a freelance editor, a writing coach and a historian. He’s a former newspaper reporter/editor who transferred his love of the right words to more satisfying expressions. His poems have been published in the Australia Times Poetry Magazine and elsewhere. Rick is a proud grandpa who is teaching his granddaughter to write, in case there is poetry in her future. His blog is,


  1. Very artistic and fun. Nice poem, Richard. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. thanks and greetings to Rev. Reynolds and Peggy, there is such breadth of styles and joyous imagining on this site, so much to learn from....

  3. Loved reading this! Mystically descriptive and engrossing in imagery.

  4. Many thanks, Sheika, I will look for your future offerings!

  5. Cool man. Made me think of winter nights and moonlit shadows on the wall.