Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to Catch a Skunk--By Robert Hewett Sr.--United States

How to Catch a Skunk

We read it in print, my brother and me,
skunks make wonderful pets for all to see.
The one in the magazine was descented.
I seriously doubt the skunk had consented.
My brother was twelve and I was just eight,
We planned to go there right after we ate.
A burlap sack and dog Tip, was our plan
to catch this skunk quickly by our own hand.
The plan was so simple, it could not fail
my job was to just grab hold of its tail,
hold it down so that he wouldn’t spray  
as my brother quickly stuffed him away.
His tail came out, then his hopping hind feet.
I pulled his furry tail down, it felt neat.
Everything was going just as we planned
until he turned, trying to bite my hand.
I let go and ran fast to Dad in the field.
Skunk sprayed my brother’s face full while he kneeled.
My brother still stuffed the skunk in the sack,
shook his head and brought the skunk and sack back.

(A true story)

Robert Hewett Sr. was born in 1933 on a Texas cotton farm. He moved to Oklahoma City at Age 14 and entered the U. S. Army from there in 1953. Robert has been writing poetry and short stories for his family and himself since his teen years, but is just now publishing his collection of works. His hobbies include writing poetry and stories; clock and watch collections; gardening and growing flowers and shrubs from cuttings. Most of his poetry tells a story, a gift from his father who was a master story teller. He has received numerous awards for his work in his professional life and for his writing. You can find some of his writings at ""


  1. Robert, enjoyable poem, adventurous brother romp! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you Marlene for your nice review I will try to read for you soon. Bob

  2. Your poem made me laugh. I could totally see this happening. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  3. Thanks Poppy, I will be publishing more of our childhood adventures. bob