Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Psalm 37:1-7--By Helen Dowd--Canada

Psalm 37:1-7

If the devil comes to taunt you
And is knocking you about—
..........Don't fret!
If you think that God's not with you
and your mind is filled with doubt—
..........Just trust!
Don't let Satan see you falter,
or he'll surely win the bout—
..........Stand firm.
Put your faith in Christ your Trainer;
then just knock the devil out—
..........You've won!

Helen Dowd enjoys spending time at her computer, along side her husband of 56 years, writing poetry, story poems, stories about pets and life in general, as well as inspirational and Bible stories. She has one book published. Her stories and poems have been published in several Anthologies. Helen hosts an inspirational online publication,  She is presently a caregiver for her husband and sister, two dogs, four cats and 3 gold fish.

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