Saturday, August 20, 2016

Perhaps Not My Overzealous Foot--By Learnmore Edwin Zvada--Zimbabwe

Perhaps Not My Overzealous Foot

I cannot take you on my date tonight
You continue to add injury to my amorous impediment
I have gone from date to date
Walking this forever path with you
You are slow at your step
Every time we set out to hunt for ‘the one’
You linger to caress those shapely pebbles by the brook
I cannot trust you to let me go once you are tamed
The scented flowers of the forest lie in wait
For that day you take me into the April sunset
I cannot discern the color you are
You go from feisty to dull
From glum to twinkle
Someday you're heavy at my standing
To bend me over when you are too lazy to heave
In a near mo you could fashion another disturbing gait
Wobbling under the scrutiny of a potential mate  
Stay this expedition my foot
Perhaps and another day as I implore

Learnmore Edwin Zvada is a Zimbabwean poet with a desire to inspire and amuse people with poetry. Currently he is working on his first poetry book. 

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