Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Ponder Upon Such Beauty--By Leokadia Durmaj--Australia

I Ponder Upon Such Beauty

Such Beauty is captured within nature’s gift,
The universe in her beautiful eyes he sees.
At the touch of the pearl heavens stars converse,
Creation beckons what the smiling face sees.
And, ‘mid the shrieks over the wave immerse,
He’s awe-struck at her beauty at the peak of the storm.

He smiles at the silence of the moon;
Watching over them mysteriously
Burning brightness illuminates the scenic view,
Such beauty exposed, he sighs, seeking refuge in silence.
Breathlessly he withdraws from the orchard’s golden bloom,
The trees wave, the night had her dream, as the stars dim.

Leokadia Durmaj is a published writer from Australia.


  1. Hi, Lee, wow, you are really on a roll! This is a very beautiful word painting with intricate strokes for each scene depicted. I wish everyone could see life and nature as does a poet - then, is when the whole world would be at peace! Sheri

    1. Of all the things I love in this life, nature, God's creation, takes my breath away. Thank you dear Sheri for your wonderful comment. If only each heart and soul could feel the beauty that exists in creation then the world would be at peace I do believe. Blessings sent with love, Lee

  2. You've captured the beauty of nature in your lovely poem Leokadia! Wonderful piece to read & enjoy...Blessings to you..Chris~

    1. Thank you Chris, I appreciate your lovely kind comment, blessings always, Lee

  3. Leokadia, thank you for sharing this gem of a poem. The way it speaks is amazing. Nice write. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

    1. Your kind words are greatly appreciated Maurice, thank you! Blessings always, Leokadia

  4. Leokadia, my oh my, what a wonderful piece of work. I truly enjoyed your descriptive write of some of nature's wonders. Thank you for once again sharing your amazing talent.
    Love, Charlene.

  5. I do so much appreciate your wonderful comments on my poetry, thank you dear Charlene. Blessings sent with love, Leokadia