Thursday, March 12, 2015

Small People--By Elly Wouterse--Netherlands

Small People

such visible void
of a deserted beach

vague phantoms
conquering their own world
in their humble way

settling down in unity
moving on with the winds of the sea

in their private world
holding tight
in togetherness

they unite
in sun-drenched shadows

invisible lives
of great small people
afar on stranded sand

Dutch poetess Elly Wouterse is oftentimes focused observing the world surrounding her. While watching, noticing, listening, thinking, dreaming and - or fantasizing she often finds the inspiration resulting in Poetical Visuals published on her own website - and in her first publication, Between Moonset and Sunrise.


  1. Elly, your poem resounds a haunting echo as I read your words and reflect upon the impressions it leaves upon my heart and mind, reading the words over and over to see if my first impression remains - and it does! I love the haunting depth of it all. Sheri

  2. I'm in awe, Elly. This is a very nice poem. It is still resonating in my mind. Thank you for sharing it with us here at Whispers and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  3. I love this - all of the invisible small people of the world, just getting on with it...

  4. This poem takes me to the shores of northern France with March mists that reveal and conceal all that you have conveyed! A delightful read. Ralph.