Thursday, March 26, 2015

Late Winter--By Elizabeth Kral--United States

Late Winter

hungry sparrows
snow on seed pods
chimneys gush smoke

quilt-wrapped silhouette 
behind frosted window glass

sun-sparkled snow,
icicles drip—
promising spring

Elizabeth Kral resides with her husband in Surprise, Arizona. She is published in the 2013 Inkslingers Anthology, Memoirs of the Southwest, the 2014 Inkslingers Anthology, GLOBAL VOICES, and at Whispers . . . an international poetry magazine.


  1. Elizabeth, it is such joy reading your colorful word paintings! Hope to read more of you! Welcome to Whispers! Sheri

  2. Thanks for sharing your delightful, descriptive poem Elizabeth! The calendar says spring but the temps say differently where I live. Best Wishes, Chris~

  3. Welcome to Whispers Elizabeth and thank you for sharing this lovely poem that resonates with my spirit. I can easily wrap myself in the warmth of the blanketed silhouette and wait for my favorite season to arrive. I appreciate your talent.

  4. Lovely writing here, thanks so much.