Friday, March 27, 2015

IT IS TIME--By Sandra K. Smith--United States


IT IS TIME December 9th, 2009.
IT IS TIME for our family to gather one by one.
IT IS TIME the Doctors, Nurses, Specialist, and Staff at the Hospital tell us.
IT IS TIME to let him go.
IT IS TIME they kept saying as our family members continue to arrive
December 9th, 2009.
IT IS TIME to stop, to turn off all the life support measures and let him go.
IT IS TIME for us to stand by his side, my Mother, my brother, my sister
and I to say our goodbyes.
IT IS TIME for us to watch and wait as Doctors, Nurses and staff move 

Slowly yet steady administering medications through his veins 
To help him relax and rest.
IT IS TIME for him to leave us and his earthly home.
IT IS TIME for him to be greeted into his heavenly home by his heavenly 

Father, his Father, Mother, Brothers Melvin, W.C., Kenneth, and James.
IT IS TIME for his family left here on earth to grieve.
IT IS TIME one year later for his family to remember, heal, rejoice
In his life with us, as one day he will greet us.
IT IS TIME until we meet again.

Loving Memory Of Clovis W. Henderson 12/27/1931 to 12/09/2009

Sandra K. Smith is from Delight, Arkansas. This is the first poem she has written. Sandra is the sister of Shirley Smothers.


  1. Dear Sandra,

    It is a special joy for me to publish your first poem. Accept my sympathy for your loss as we never get done missing the people we love. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Please let me know if your have any questions.


  2. So sorry about your sad lose. we will see our loved ones again, in a much better place than here. I found your poem incredibly moving, and hope and look forward to reading more in the future on not such a sad note.. thank you for sharing. my very besty warm wishes. Pete.

  3. Hi, Sandra, welcome to Whispers. It is heartbreaking to lose those we love. The joy will come when we see them again. It is indeed TIME to fulfill our lives and to leave a meaningful reason for having been given the privilege to BE here. It is TIME to forgive ourselves and others for thoughtless behavior........ Your poem makes a person think that indeed - IT IS TIME ........ Sheri

  4. Thank You for all the beautiful comments. I have sent this link to my Sister. She will appreciate all the nice words.

  5. Sandra,
    I thought your name sounded familiar! I remember you and this poem was published in my magazine, "The Poet's Art". The price has gone up to $7 an issue (I now have to do all my photocopying at Staples, and postage has gone up, not to mention costs for printer ink and envelopes...) but you or your sister Shirley are welcome to submit poetry at any time.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  6. Sandra, I can well appreciate this heartfelt poem, well written. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this first for you well written poem. Welcome to Whispers. Looking forward to more of your wonderful work.
    Charlene .

  7. A global feeling--captured so well. Thank you. I connected.