Saturday, March 28, 2015

P s a l m 7 3--By Colan Hiatt--United States

P s a l m  7 3

The merchant seemed to prosper
Although his ethics were not good
He took advantage of the poor
Overcharging them, each time he could

Often we see the ungodly prosper
Great riches they accumulate
While the clean in heart struggle on
Seeking refuge from their fate

We question why the corrupt reign
That chastisement has passed them by
While those who adhere to noble deeds
Are often left to weep and cry

Why should atrocities rule the day
And evil prosper in our midst
The finite mind can't understand
Why these conditions should exist

But there is solace to be found
When I study Psalm seventy three
In God's sanctuary the answer lies
Only temporary, - is their liberty

Colan Hiatt resides in Mt. Airy, NC. with his wife. A retired electronic technician, he has been writing for several years. Most all the poetry, is derived from observing "down-to-earth" events that occur around us. A personal "mini-story" is often associated with the majority of compositions. Usually a metaphor is found with spiritual implications that portray God as the ultimate solution to life's problems. To direct the reader to this "Source", is the desired goal.


  1. Colan,
    A very good poem. I have a bible but have yet to get to the psalms. A very introspective poem, though, I am sure. Welcome to Whispers and I look forward to reading more of your work.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  2. My apologies, I just checked January's list of contributors and saw your name there. Your name was unfamiliar to me, so I mistakenly thought you were new. Good poem still, though...

  3. Hi, Colan, it is so good to read your awesome work again. I am so pleased that Whispers features such fabulous and talented writers! Ahem! Me included, of course, ha, ha............. Reading Psalms can be so enlightening and this one particularly, seems to point directly to today. Your poem is like an interpretation in rhyme, and that is very difficult and yet beautiful to achieve. Sheri

  4. Colan,

    This poem speaks some real truths about the way things are in our world today. Good insight. I really like this one. Lanette

  5. Colan, a wonderfully well written truthful poem. It flowed so well and rhyming poems are my favorite. Thank you for sharing your talent.