Sunday, March 16, 2014

All Things Beautiful--By Robert L. Hinshaw--United States

All Things Beautiful

When growing up on the farm even at 'round the age of three,
I began to notice simple, yet beautiful things that surrounded me.
Strange though it seems, I found beauty in grumpy bumble bees,
And was fascinated by the gold and crimson robes that clad the autumn trees!

Golden fields of grain undulating in the breeze was a beauty to behold,
As were luscious apples ripening on laden trees in hues of red and gold.
Green fields of corn that were to provide roasting ears bye and bye,
Were crowned with bronzed, dancing tassels reaching for the sky.

I saw beauty in the gamboling of a newborn baby calf,
And the antics of squealing piglets that really made me laugh!
I caressed fluffy yellow baby chicks with my youthful paws.
Though the threat of the fussy mother hen at times gave me pause.

I captured elusive lightning bugs on languid summer nights,
And thrilled at the eerie beauty of the awesome Northern Lights!
I saw magnificent displays of lightning as it flashed across the prairies,
And delighted at the sight of golden eagles preening in their aeries.

I caressed the peonies my Mother grew glistening in the morning dew,
And savored the freshness of new-mown hay that my Father grew.
Though I'm in the autumn of my life, in all things beautiful and bright,
That The Creator in his munificence provides, I still take delight!

Robert L. Hinshaw served 30 years in the Air Force retiring in 1978 in the grade of Chief Master Sergeant. He began writing poetry in 2002 at age 72 and has composed over 1100 poems.


  1. Well done Robert. I really enjoyed this great write. full of great visuals. a poem I will class as one of my favorites. well done. best wishes. Pete.

  2. Robert, I so much enjoyed your well written and artistic poem. It reminded me of days on my grandparents and then my parents farms and all the wonders of nature that I loved to be in. Bumble bees fascinated me though I never wanted to get too close. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I look forward to reading you poems always a delight.

  3. Robert, what a tremendous overview of growing up and enjoying nature, one of God's precious gifts to us. I could smell the hay and hear the bees as I read this. I felt like a child again, running through fields.


  4. Wonderful visual bringing to mind my own memories of my Father's ranch. For a child to have moments of nature is God's gift - I was blessed as you to have such experiences. Lovely poetry...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  5. Dear Robert,

    I enjoyed reading and seeing the world through your eyes when you were growing up. Through your words rich with imagery, paints a beautiful picture of nature we are all so lucky to have. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us.

    Sandra Stefanowich

  6. Your poem is so vivid, and so full of great descriptions...I feel as though I can taste, feel, see each and every vision you describe. How fortunate you are to have such memories. Nature is a powerful tool, and is a constant reminder of God's unending love for us. Kristina

  7. Dear Bob,
    There is little that can compare with the beauty of nature. Being born on a farm, you were privileged to witness many beautiful things -- the birth of a calf, the eerie northern lights and the delights of bumble bees and peonies. You areso talented, my friend. Love, Carolyn

  8. Thank you, Robert, Dufresne, for the following comment--

    Your talent never ceases to astound me Robert. It seems the creative juices
    just ooze out of your heart, mind, and memory onto these pages. God bless you
    for using your talent for the good. I enjoy all of your poems ,, hmmm, (except for the ones I wish I had written!)

    Bob D

  9. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    wonderful nostalgic poem

  10. Love these types of poems, Robert. Good description that provokes good memories. Thanks for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations