Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stages--By Richard Sponaugle--United States


One dawn the chocolate night will melt;
I’ll rise not to inhale Hellish flames,
but the baptized rug where I’d knelt,
and begged God to cleanse my nightmares.
Parlous painful reflections fought back,
tears won’t stream down my ashen face.
My heart will smile just a crack,
and my battered body will rise in place.
Each AM starts with infant steps.
Glacial improvements my daily goal,
achieved through tedious reps;
some day my shattered soul shall be whole.

Richard Sponaugle was born 4-20-60 in Maryland and raised in Northern Virginia.  He received a BA from George Mason University.  A prolific poet and songwriter, he has been published in many venues. 


  1. Hello, Richard, you well define this finite. I think we can relate to every word you write. Sometimes this finite place can be a hellish place to be, but that is all we've got and so that is how we ultimately learn. We still tend to revert back to our early teachings of simplicity but those teachings are really the gist of it all......... Sheri

  2. Richard, my heart feels such sadness at such forlorn words. Yet as Sheri said, we all can relate to every word. I sure know I can. Healing does come. Thank you for sharing such poignant words with your talent and a well written poem.

  3. Hi Richard,
    It seems you are writing from such a dark place. You describe it eloquently and I do have faith that one day "your shattered soul will be whole." Just as those above me wrote, nearly everyone has gone through tough times that make them feel this way. We just have to trust that God has a plan and our suffering will lead to spiritual growth. Very well written! Best wishes, Carolyn

  4. Dear Richard,

    Such a well written poem, I could feel each word as I read it. I think we all wonder why we get out of bed sometimes and I think its because we hold onto the hope that things will get better one day. I hope your heart smiles again soon.

    Sandra Stefanowich

  5. Hi Richard. Thanks again for your support of To God be the Glory! Publications and Creative Inspirations. Life has many 'stages' but as you have so elegantly put in this poem, those states are nothing compared to the glory of being in eternity with the Lord and Savior of mankind. Nice write, my friend. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  6. Thank you everyone for your your kind words for Rick. I will send these comments off to him. I'm glad you enjoyed this poem as much as I did. Rick, thank you for continuing to share your words for Whispers. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.