Friday, December 12, 2014

A Walk In Winter--By Kelly Deschler--United States

A Walk In Winter

Twin, silver cathedral bells, sway and chime.
As every note peals out, clear and sublime.

No winds blow through the sky, this silent night.
The peaceful heavens, filled with a celestial light.

Arm and arm, down the icy lane we do walk.
Heart to heart, our souls they seem to talk.

A pair of happy cardinals, one red, one gold.
Go bobbing through the snow, so white, so cold.

Along the hillside, stands rows of frosted pine.
The fields, blanketed in diamonds, a vision divine.

Couples, young and old, seated in horse-drawn sleighs.
Making new memories, and reminiscing their by-gone days.

Nestled so close together, like two turtledoves.
All bundled up, with warm scarves and gloves.

Amongst white winter lands, we two do wander.
While our light hearts, are growing ever fonder.

Kelly Deschler lives in Big Falls, Wisconsin, United States. Her poem, "A Walk In Winter" was inspired by the painting, "Christmas Day" by John Ritchie.


  1. Kelly! What a nice, cozy painting your sketch here. I like the peaceful and soft mode of it. Goes with the hot, cup of coffee I sip as I read! Sheri

  2. Wonderful, serene poem Kelly. I close my eyes & dream, visualizing the lovely scene you painted in words. NICE...~Chris

  3. This is magical. I feel as if I've been on a walk through the snow myself.


  4. Kelly, What a lovely winter scene you paint with your comes alive to all the senses! Just beautiful! Happy holidays to you and yours, Connie

  5. Love it. Very nicely illustrated and delightful poem, Kelly. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (