Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When She Sleeps--By Marlene Million--United States

When She Sleeps

Angels dance in sugarplum
dreams, circling her crib
amid colorful rainbows of
heavenly promise.

Noah's Ark nightlight is
aglow from atop the dresser.
Pink, light-weight coverlet
is pushed aside.

A curled cherub in white
cotton pajamas, all is calm,
and she sighs softly.

Angel wings hover. . .
safely guarding
her breath of life.

Marlene Million is a retired insurance secretary from her husband's business and grandmother of four. She has published two chapbooks and belongs to several writers’ groups. She had a poem on display at Indianapolis Arts Garden the month of February, 2013 and has been published in a variety of venues.


  1. Hi Marlene, I enjoyed reading your heavenly, peaceful poem. Lovely imagery! ~Chris

    1. Thank you, Christine. Have a Wonderful New Year!

  2. Marlene,
    What a precious child this must be, to have all of these things watching over her.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

    1. Thank you David! Have a Wonderful New Year!

  3. What a precious poem. I love babies and the words, "colorful rainbows of
    heavenly promise." Oh how we yearn for our little ones to fulfill Heaven's promises of joy and happiness they will bring through righteous living. It seems as though when they are so tiny "the world is our oyster" when it comes to the dreams we have for them. Then they grow up and the heavenly promises seem to fade but the rainbow comes after the rain not before. Thank you so much for this lovely poem that helped me immensely to look at my adverse circumstances in a different light.
    Love, Charlene