Friday, December 26, 2014

Is Jealousy Love--By Frances Simwinga--Malawi

Is Jealousy Love

Take it to the blue waters of our lake
It won't swim alongside patience.
Bless it with wings to soar
It won't fly alongside fidelity.

It breeds distrust.
It betrays like disloyalty.
Its peers are but envy and doubt.

Then how come call it love?

To be its blind disciple
It can beckon and con you to alter your view
About your initial vows with your spouse.
By feeding lies to raze the knot you had tied.

So, heed to these letters or If already a victim better
Disengage now it's not late
You will surely feel much better latter
For it is not love
If it were, it would be patient and loyal and self-controlled?

Frances Simwinga is a budding poet. He has discovered healing in poetry. He happens to have a bias towards slam poetry but greatly enjoys the written word too.


  1. a very true word.

  2. Frances,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. Good job!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox