Friday, December 19, 2014

Whispered Shadows--By David Coon--United States

Whispered Shadows

Whispered shadows speak in the dark of night
They whisper words long held close to the heart
Forgotten dreams of hope and love filled light
Lost in time that has kept lovers apart

As tears slowly roll down from red rimmed eyes
Your face appears then fades into the dark
Memories fog and then escape from sight
Trailing the songs of wolves and meadowlarks

On a cold awakening moon stands high
The world is a dark, emotional void.
Stars wink out, disappearing in the blight
Dark thoughts of abandonment are deployed

A voice of joy and hope rises in song
Whispered shadows that flee in fright are gone

David (Dave) Coon has been sharing has poems on various social sites since 1997 and has always gone by the name of Nissmech. 


  1. This sonnet not only leaves with hope, it affords enthusiasm, as well. The future is bright.

    Great to see you here, Dave.

  2. Eloquent and so beautiful, Dave. Your sonnet is impeccable, just the right blend of despair tinged with a boost of hope at the end! Love this! :)

  3. Dave,
    Good poem. Loved the positive ending...
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  4. The good thing about shadows, is they don't remain for long. This is a wonderful Sonnet. Love you, dollface <3