Saturday, December 6, 2014

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Peggy Dugan French and ayaz daryl nielsen--United States

whom wonders embrace

By Peggy Dugan French and ayaz daryl nielsen

badger-bearded, sparrow-winged trail guides
wind quietly whispering, taking in the view
cherry blossoms and birdsong across a meadow
a lone hawk gliding overhead
melodies from ancient trumpets
sprinkling over the misty valley
five small raccoon behind their mother
scurrying ahead of me on the trail
an older us whom wonders embrace
fresh scent of pine stirring memories
retelling the magnificence
of all that has come before


  1. Peggy and ayaz,
    A nice poem you two! It is nice seeing you here Peggy.. you do such a nice job editing Shemom, I hope to read more of your poems here.
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

  2. Thank you for your kind words David! Glad you have enjoyed Shemom. Peggy

  3. Dear Peggy and ayaz,

    This is an amazing poem. Welcome to Whispers Peggy! Like David, I hope we get to see more of your poetry here. Thank you both for sharing your talent with us.

    Best wishes,

    1. and, again! thank you for your caring endeavors poetically - best - ayaz daryl nielsen

    2. Thank you for the welcome Karen, so glad you liked the piece.

  4. Welcome to Whispers Peggy. I really enjoyed your collaborative poem Peggy and ayaz. The imagery was wonderful and put me in mind of my own nature walks when vacationing in the pines with my family when I was a girl. I loved the seamlessness that made the "trip" down memory lane so lovely for me. Thank you for your talents shared with us here on Whispers. I will look forward to reading more.
    Love, Charlene

    1. thank you very much! (and I many family members named Charlene) best -
      ayaz daryl

    2. Thank you Charlene, glad you enjoyed the piece and that it brought back such great memories, Peggy

  5. Thank you, David Austin, for the following--

    "That fresh scent of pine." Exactly. This one is wonderfully refreshing - all the colors, animals and mystique. Love, Dave

  6. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following--

    I enjoyed your sprinkling of scents and scenes while following your natural guides.

    originally presented in my opinion.

    Bob D

  7. Thank you, Marianne Szlyk, for the following--

    I enjoyed ayaz daryl nielsen's collaboration with another poet.

  8. What lovely imagery Peggy and Ayaz! Your memories are stirred, so are mine! Thank you for sharing. // paul

  9. Hi, you two! This is a grand collab, very smooth and flowing......... great write! Sheri

  10. A beautiful collaboration with superb imagery to linger long in the mind. Blessings for the holiday, Connie

  11. Very nice Peggy and ayaz. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (