Thursday, December 8, 2016

Alberta Bound--By Michael Lee Johnson--United States

Alberta Bound

I own a gate to this prairie
that ends facing the Rocky Mountains.
They call it Alberta-
trail of endless blue sky
asylum of endless winters,
hermitage of indolent retracted sun.
Deep freeze drips haphazardly into spring.
Drumheller, dinosaur badlands, dried bones,
ancient hoodoos sculpt high, prairie toadstools.
Alberta highway 2 opens the gateway of endless miles.
Travel weary I stop by roadsides, ears open to whispering pines.
In harmony North to South
Gordon Lightfoot pitches out
a tone-
"Alberta Bound."
With independence in my veins,
I am long way from my home.

Michael Lee Johnson is a poet, editor, publisher, freelance writer, amateur photographer, small business owner in Itasca, Illinois.  He has been published in more than 880 small press magazines in 27 countries, and he edits 10 poetry sites.  Michael is the author of The Lost American:  From Exile to Freedom, several chapbooks of poetry, including From Which Place the Morning Rises and Challenge of Night and Day, and Chicago.  See his website for more about him     


  1. Dear Michael,
    Wonderful to journey with you as a passenger in your poetic vehicle. What vibrant, rich verbs you employ! I especially like the series of "d" alliterations in lines 7 and 8.
    Thank you for giving Whispers' readers this life-enriching poem.

  2. Thank you for you kind comments Michael Escoubas hope you come join our poetry group:

  3. Hello Michael. I enjoyed the journey of "Alberta Bound" with you. It is a delightful and very well-written poem that expresses lots of emotion. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. artful imagery ---- "...hermitage of indolent retracted sun..."
    Your poem opens a gate in my mind

  5. Really nice piece, thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Wonderful verbs and imagery. I enjoyed this ride very much.

    Thank you.