Monday, December 12, 2016

What Fallen Apple Dare One Take Sweet Bite--By Robert Lindley--United States

What Fallen Apple Dare One Take Sweet Bite

What value an oracle that denies
Time and Fate both join to join, to create
rich dessert with man's miserable lies
and dish it all up on a dirty plate.

What steady course to set sail on if known
one that in the calm harbor remains safe
Or through stormy skies, there gaily blown
like upward drawn dregs of useless wheat chaff.

What fallen apple dare one take sweet bite
as if sweet happiness would thus be found
for nowhere in mankind's long, futile flight
is paradise sold by penny or pound.

What hope rewards seekers that blessed key
What Light shines, for any and all to see.

Robert Lindley is poet from the Southern USA. He has been writing poetry since 1969. Robert writes with the intent to offer others words to enjoy and with high hopes he may inspire and brighten lives in some way.


  1. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for the light this sonnet shines "for all to see."

  2. Many kernels of poetic license here....