Monday, December 5, 2016

Cure--By Sheikha A.--Pakistan and U.A.E.


What is the best poetic way to reach
down into a well – no fallen graces – 
and come up with a light emitting
from the tip of the index finger,
showing the way to where camels rest
on their front knees, carriage on backs,
and a path uncomplicated: so simple
in following, leading straight to water:
so true in properties, quenching thirst:
so minimal in craving, ushering to land:
so vast in plainness. I have been 
like warm smoke from cooling wood,
knowing what never gets spoken
is the point of drop from the hand
that let go, leaving me to find the way – 
of no theorized routes – to your
ungripped nature.

Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and U.A.E. and often finds herself in a world of oscillation that most of the times motivates her writing too. She maintains a (or tries to) blog on


  1. Hello Sheikha. I am not sure if you are new to Whispers or not, but if you are, Welcome. I enjoyed your poem, "Cure." Thank you for sharing it and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. Maurice, thank you for reading my poem. No, in fact, I am not new to Whispers! Been with them quite a while :)

  3. Sheikha! It's gorgeous!

  4. Nice work. I enjoyed it. Please read some of my poems

    1. Thank you for always reading my work, Angel Plant. I would definitely read some of yours too. I have been without a laptop for a while and it's hard for me to follow net activities on the phone

  5. Dear Sheikha,
    Thank you for treating the Whispers' family to such thoughtful depth of poetry.
    Blessings and continued success,