Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sea of Tranquility--By Robert P. Hansen--United States

Sea of Tranquility

It is so quiet here,
so utterly still.

The sun is brilliant
on the horizon.

Everything is gray
and lighter gray.

Patches of black

Rocks sprinkle
the dawn like
broken marbles.

The dust is thick
and unblemished—
all but for a single,
tiny footprint.

Robert P. Hansen thanks those of you who nominated his science fiction novel Please Don’t Eat the Penguins on Kindle Scout. Unfortunately, they decided not to publish it so he has done so himself. He has also published the first book of his new series, Aftermath, which is a sequel to his Angus the Mage fantasy series. For links to online retailers, visit his blog at:   


  1. Dear Robert,
    I really like the images your present in this poem. I believe my favorite is "Rocks sprinkle/the dawn like/broken marbles".
    Give us more poems, please!