Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I Still Believe in Christmas--By Zona Rowand Lawrence--United States

I Still Believe in Christmas

A baby in a manger
And all it means to me
Welcoming the stranger –
Wise men on their knees

Cold, clear nights and snow drifts
Singing fireside carols
Snowmen made with yarn mitts
Church bells Christmas rung

Filling the crisp night air
Sleigh bells and horses’ neighs
Children’s laughter and echoes pair
Around the Christmas tree

Lights of love glow brightly
As families love each other
Remembering the past
When others shared the day

I still believe in Christmas
The baby, wise men and joy
The wonder in little one’s eyes
The gift of life to girls and boys

After many years as a stage performer, Zona found she enjoyed writing. She studies at Paradise Valley Community College.  Her work has appeared in several anthologies at the school and elsewhere. In 2004, she won $20,000.00 for her poem, “Indiscriminate Sestina.”  She and her husband, Jack, are creating a Diet by Poetry Journal to help whittle away those pounds with a little rhyming fun. Last year in the Paradise Review her poem, “If He Had Hit Me”, won third place and her one act play, “A Shaggy Dog Story”, won second place.


  1. Dear Zona,
    I can see, from this month's poem, why your work has received critical and monetary acclaim.
    Thank you and do send us more poems!

  2. Zona,
    A beautiful poem depicting the true meaning of Christmas! Welcome to Whispers!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  3. "Simply" beautiful! Thank you. Will watch for your work.