Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Yellow Bush--By J.T. Milford--United States

A Yellow Bush

In a time of loneliness and regrets
the dreary descending darkness
on this rainy afternoon
presses down my fragile life

It seems light once gone will never
again return leaving only extended night
Yet out beyond the house stands a yellow bush
catching the solitary moments of last glow
on this time without time when the sun's
zenith is in the Tropic of Capricorn

As I watch the last fading afterglow
it seems that for a brief time my life
on this spinning planet is free with
no desires anticipations or possessions
Life illuminated by cascading sparks
of deep stars descending
from an infinite peace

In this still time my gaze moves
                                  to a place without boundaries
                                  For this once I can see out beyond
                                  the far distant horizon to pure space

J. T. Milford began writing poetry when he retired as a CPA from public accounting twenty-two years ago. He has lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana most of his life and uses life there as a background for his poetry. J.T. feels he doesn’t really write poems, they seem to arrive and demand to be written. 


  1. Dear J.T.
    What wonderful images hallmark this special poem. I really like the word formulation of "cascading sparks/of deep stars descending".
    Thanks for this provocative piece,

  2. Dear Michael, Thank you for your very kind comments on A Yellow Bush. Your comments and others keep me and all the Whispers writers writing. I am so grateful that you read my poem and commented. Thank you

  3. Hi JT. I enjoyed "A Yellow Brush." That last stanza is really nice, as well as the entire poem. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

    1. Thank you Maurice for your kind comment. It very gratifying that you the reader received something new from reading this poem.

  4. JT,

    I loved this touching and imagery filled piece of work. I don't just enjoy READING poems, I want that poem to TAKE ME THERE! This piece does just that. Kudos!

    1. Thank you Ken for your very kind comment on A Yellow Bush. In writing a poem I try hard to bring out the emotion of being there. Occasionally I am successful.

  5. I loved "A Yellow Bush", J.T. What an amazing sight
    A yellow bush glow before the appearance of the night
    Seeing a place without boundaries way out beyond
    the far distant horizon to pure space. I wonder if
    the sun on that bush made magic! At any rate
    your poem had magical effect on me.