Monday, January 30, 2017

His Life--By Yancy Lee Dalton--United States

His Life

Uncle Melvin & I, cattle roundup nights
Checkers on squares of black & whites
Enjoyed challenge of wit against rules
Competition of friendly duels

Learning from each other’s skills & moves
Conversations on subjects we'd choose
Uncle Melvin treated everyone very Kind
Boosting confidence, know how & mind

Understanding Melvin Helped me see
In checker board of life, he moved free 
As health problems soiled his life style
Even pain, couldn't take his smile

He battled for life with courage so great
Kindness to all, he would not forsake
I share this that we might grow
No matter, life phase, we Know 

We will win, even if we lose life, in toil
Lifting others up, in kindness recoil
Pondering ourselves without regret
The Checker board of life mind set

Yancy Lee Dalton is a published writer from Colorado.


  1. Dear Yancy,
    Thank you for this compelling metaphor "checkerboard of life."
    Do send us more poems here at Whispers.

    1. Thanks Michael, glad to share this for others be sides my self.
      Your comment made my day.