Friday, January 27, 2017

Terese *--By Molly Moore--United States

Terese *

Traversing the streets with carts piled high
  in the neighborhoods of Puget Sound
Evading the notice of passersby
  with possessions stacked all around
Reason might say she's a hopeless case,
  homeless and out of her mind
Except for those whose luck it has been
  to discover this jewel of a find.
Serenely content in her wandering life,
  sharply contrasting the madness of today
Evincing the answer to who's more sane,
  Terese or society, will be hard to say.

* Terese (pronounced Ta REZ) is a quiet, dignified, wandering homeless lady. My neighbor and I have grown quite fond of her sweet, peaceful manner, reporting "Terese sightings" to each other so we can converse with her and offer her a hot drink or food.

Claiming Hawaii as her true home, Molly Moore is currently residing in Seattle, Washington, pursuing her nursing. Perhaps her previous career as an international flight attendant is what launched Molly’s "flights of fancy" into poetry. A love of rhythm and rhyme sparks her creative side, especially while outdoors in nature.


  1. Dear Molly,
    Thank you for this tender poem reminding us that the homeless dwell among us and have needs.

  2. I enjoyed your piece Molly, thanks for sharing it, it’s wonderful that your share conversation and hot drinks and food with Terese. Peggy

  3. Very will said Molly, I thought so the very first time I read it. When I was working on my dads cattle ranch, my wife and I used to invite homeless persons to eat a evening meal with us. One such homeless said "When I get to thinking I am bad off, I do not have to look very far to find some one worse off than me". Thanks for sharing this Molly.