Friday, January 27, 2017

Isolde - Your Gifts to Me--By Terry O’Leary--France

Isolde - Your Gifts to Me

You give to me that streak of dawn which shies away the shrouds,
A flight upon a feather's back beneath the breath of clouds,
An image of an elfin boy found prancing through the crowds

You lead me by the hand through nights into the waking days,
Through swinging gates in mirrored walls and through the midnight haze,
Through castles built in sandbox realms in children’s yesterdays

You give to me a silver flute, a whistle on a chain,
A drummer boy with dancing feet, a sugar candy cane,
A window flushed of foolish tears with pitter-patter rain

You whisk me from a valley deep wherein a black wind blows,
And tracks upon the empty sands are hidden by the snows,
And share with me your secret thoughts and steal away my woes

You give to me a penny plain to cast upon a dream,
A falling star upon the sky, a bridge across a stream,
A teddy bear with tattered ears and berries dipped in cream
You give to me in winter’s chill your ragged scarf of thread,
A blazing ball of candle wax, a fire dripping red
Embracing me (your rhyming clown with yearning arms outspread)
In flames of love forevermore with nothing left unsaid

Terry O’Leary defines himself as "A physicist lacking gravity..." 


  1. Dear Terry,
    This is one of the most rhythmic poems I've ever read. You're using a 14 syllable line throughout that is quite pleasurable to read. I must learn more about this form. Very nicely done.

  2. Terry, you have the most distinctive and recognizable styles at Whispers. Love this beautifully crafted piece with the sand box of our yesterday years! Ralph

  3. Terry, thank you for sharig this piece with us, I enjoyed it.

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    1. Dear Terry, after looking up Isolde and a few words that go with it, I really enjoyed this well thought out poem. I also love that you are a "A physicist lacking gravity..." Choice unique comical words. Thanks for sharing.