Monday, January 30, 2017

The Fog--By Joyce I. Johnson--United States

The Fog

The fog has diminished the daybreak.
I'm enveloped in curtains of gray.
The sunshine trying to,
Has not broken through
The drab dreariness of the day.

Some of my days have had sorrow
When all sunshine's taken away.
I know dark despair,
Yet the sun is still there,
To turn January to May.

Sorrow or fog all around us,
Can, but it needn't stay.
If we let the light in,
The sunshine can win
And brighten the gloomiest day.

Joyce I. Johnson lives in the beautiful Skagit Valley of Washington State. She owns a small farm and rents her land to a bulb grower. She is surrounded by beauty in the spring from the tulips and daffodils that inspire much of her poetry. Joyce celebrated her 98th birthday in July of 2016.


  1. Dear Joyce,
    Thank you for this poem. It brings to mind Carl Sandburg's miniature, "Fog." Do you know it? Of course both poems are set against different backdrops--both are fun and enjoyable.

  2. Wonderful poem of music of words and the poem ends with hope.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us Joyce!

  4. Thank you, Helen Dowd, for the following--

    I really liked your poem, Joyce. I could feel the fog, and your determination not to let it stay. I am amazed that you are still writing poetry at 98. Thanks for sharing this with Whispers.

  5. Very good Joyce, Since a child, I have been stymied by fog. Thanks for helping me see that behind the fog, the sun still shines. All we need to do is know it so we can always feel it.