Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Because--By Mary Jo Balistreri--United States


Orioles in day-glo orange
trill the dawn of a new morning

Snowdrops rise early
green the air in fragrance

The sun’s warm breath
stirs fat buds to yield

Tree frogs lusty courting
sing a song of change

Forsythia’s yellow dress
quickens winter hearts

The subtle scent of lilacs
dabs the air in violet

The soft night sky
haloes the hillside in starscape

Because everything changes
Because everything stays the same

Spring returns

Mary Jo Balistreri was a concert pianist for most of her life and turned to poetry in 2005 when her seven-year-old grandson died. Music could not give witness to the child's life the way poetry could and poetry helped in the way it provided a container for emotions that otherwise were overwhelming. Mary Jo has been writing ever since. For more information, please visit her at


  1. Mary Jo is a wonderfully visual poet ,beautiful poem!!!!!keep up the good work,love and light,angelee

  2. Mary Jo puts it a higher gear here. Granted, she is preaching to the choir with me; I have had all the Winter I care to endure, but this poem goes way farther. This far reaching piece goes the distance, removes barriers, disassembles matrixes, reigns in all things seasonal. This poem is like writing home for money and getting it, along with home made brownies. This poem is like, finding a pair of designer jeans on sale for half price, then finding a twenty dollar bill on the floor of the fitting room, and the pants fitting perfectly. This poem makes me want to go out and sit in the porch swing and contemplate all things in a reasonable manner, even though it is below forty degrees... I guess what I am trying to convey is, it makes me happy, on an evening I did not think I had a smile to share.

  3. Dear Jo, you couldn't have described my favorite season better! I love Spring and I love your poem.

    Best wishes,

  4. thank you Inge and Karen for publishing my poem, and much appreciation for Angelee and Todd for your kind comments.

  5. A true vision. Thank you Mary Jo. A beautiful creation, indeed.

  6. Ah, the anticipation of Spring drawn closer by this beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing, Mary Jo. Continued blessings!


  7. Great word picture Mary Joe, all created under the word because
    Good writing
    Knight Writer