Friday, March 23, 2018

Encore--By Richard Carl Subber--United States


Evening is long, not dreary
but drained, a dissipation,
I am weary
and I linger here
to wait for drowsing,
   wait for silence
   to fill my ears.

I have enough of wary hope
to understand, again, tonight,
   that tomorrow is an open door,
      that I will wake to wanton singing,
     careless hope,
      impulsive lifting up
      of eyes and arms,
         dashing at dawn
         to do another day.

Richard Carl Subber is a poet, freelance copy editor, and writing mentor. Rick has two chapbooks on Amazon: Writing Rainbows: Poems for Grown-Ups, and Seeing far: Selected poems. His poems appeared in The Four Elements: Effects and Influences, an anthology by Poets Collective; in the Aurorean, and elsewhere.


  1. yes, tomorrow is always another day...

  2. Dear Rick,

    Sometimes we wallow in somber moods but as long as we believe in a better tomorrow, positive feeling rule. I like the message you bring us here
    Thank you for sharing your poem.

    Best wishes,

  3. In view of the gloom & doom, The thought of an open door tomorrow intrigues me.
    Knight Writer

  4. Hi Jack, Inge, Yancy -- thanks for the encouragement, glad you liked my poem

  5. Richard, thank you for sharing your talent. Yes, tomorrow will bring a better day....if we look for it. I enjoyed the read
    Sincerely, Charlene